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Orgasm anyone?

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

What Is A Multi Orgasmic Man?

Multiorgasmic man is a term you may have heard before. The potential for a man to separate ejaculation from orgasm, allowing him the choice to ride the waves of orgasm without peaking to “the end.” This is a subject of which we are personally passionate about. We have witnessed the suppression and pressure that limits how men feel in their bodies and how they connect to their sex. It is popular belief that a woman’s pleasure is the responsibility of her man and whether she orgasms and how many times. This means that a man’s focus is very much external to him, taking him away from his own experiences of his body and sex and limiting his sex to his performance abilities. I wish to add here, that neither of this supposed responsibilities are so. When a man absorbs the knowledge that ejaculation is not orgasm and that his sex is neither limited to ejaculation or his performance, he may rewire his system from the poor sex education he has received and ~ expand into knowing his body and sex for himself, own his sex, release symptoms of body shame, performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, experience his sex as limitless and forever evolving, connect from the inside out with his lover, rather than externally focused, feel more fulfilled and satisfied in sex, life, love and body, feel more aliveness in himself and his life, immerse into his creative flow, feel the potential of his vitality, claim his manhood, BE his sex rather than lost in the do-ing of sex. Orgasmic man offers a conscious choice for a man to move beyond the basics of doing sex into being sex. Taste those words upon your tongue, over and over.

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