We are an exclusive lifestyle events business founded 2019, our role in society is to liberate, empower and be part of tearing down taboo's around the world of sex and sexual pleasure.  Whether you are male or female life is better when you are sexually liberated and fulfilled.


Why Monkey Business:

We are here to ensure you have a wonderful experience in beautiful and safe surroundings with like minded people.  We have a real mix of playmates at our events from those just taking the big leap and trying something new to those who have made it a way of life, swinging is a lifestyle embraced by billions globally.

As we know people have different requirements, some who are inquisitive decide to attend initially and just share a drink in the cocktail lounge to experience the ambience and then go onto to maybe experience play rooms at a later date, or maybe those who want to experience the orangutan enclosure, whatever your needs we will help you achieve them. 


What's on offer:

We have our Monkey Business gift shop to treat yourself or that someone special in your life.  We have workshops & interesting blogs for you to enjoy.  I guess your decision is what membership will suit your requirement; contact our team if you have questions; sales@monkeybusiness1.com


Happiness is not a destination, it is a journey. 

Our goal is to create an environment that encourages you to let go of the social constraints allowing your fantasies to play out, we encourage people to try it and see how wonderful life can be when you are happy, fulfilled and as a by-product you gain wonderful life time memories. If you feel your bored with the vanilla life and a little more excitement, passion, voyeurism, hedonism, intrigue and suspense is what your missing from life why not come and join us and be prepared for the above and more to spice up your life. Whatever it is you are looking for join us on a journey!


Please contact our membership team on sales@monkeybusiness1.com or 07783 620837