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Our mission is that you attend our events, have the most mind-blowing experience BUT they are a few rules to remember!

  • Everyone is expected to be polite and courteous to one another or risk a lifetime ban. Security will ask you to leave!

  • Obtain clear and concise consent before engaging in play.

  • Follow the theme of the event or you could be turned away and declined entry.

  • Strictly no phones/photography. If caught you could be banned for life. We MUST respect everyone’s privacy!

  • (We ask that Phones are placed into a safe-box while you are at the event)

  • Listen closely “no” means no! Body language is important if someone moves away or says no respect them!

  • Be kind. Gossiping, bullying or general rudeness to affect someone's experience negatively will result in a request to leave.

  • If you come to an event together, you must leave together.

  • No Drugs!

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